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Interview of Liyi

It's a line from Li Yi's favorite film, "The Intern," and her connection with the Sino-Canada Program illustrates its meaning in another way. When asked why she chose to study in the Sino-Canada Program, she said, "I chose it because my senior peer was studying here and he strongly recommended it to my parents. Through his recommendation, I have a certain understanding of the curriculum system of this program. My parents also think that the curriculum system here is more suitable for my future study plan."


As a model project of the Canadian curriculum in Suzhou, the Sino-Canada Program has won praise from all walks of life for its students' excellent academic performance.

The right choice is the beginning of the road to success, and choosing our program is to open the door to the world-famous universities.

As a junior high school student studying ordinary courses before, the first thing to deal with when transferring to international courses is the language barrier. The 6-hour english-only teaching environment provides students with sufficient guarantee to improve their English proficiency. Through unremitting efforts, Li Yi successfully passed IELTS in her senior year.


After passing the language barrier, it is the recognition of the curriculum system, "The curriculum of the Sino-Canada Program is a good bridge to foreign universities. I studied in the domestic education system in junior high school, and I am not very familiar with foreign universities. I feel that courses of our program have helped me understand and adapt to foreign education models very well. I believe that when I go abroad, I must have less hesitation and insecurities. "


In addition to the advantages of the language environment, the teaching method here provides students with more changes in their thinking mode. "I like the teaching mode of foreign teachers very much. They have very strict academic requirements for students and are particularly meticulous in our guidance. All these make me learn the rigorous and serious academic spirit in the process of learning, which I admire very much."


During the three years of studying here, Li Yi not only gained a wealth of knowledge in various disciplines, but more importantly, I began to learn to think in different ways, and like to analyze problems from a dialectical perspective. In this process, I not only I have gained a lot of lovely classmates and friends, and I am very happy to have the encouragement and help from the teachers.


Li Yi not only achieved excellent academic performance, but also took an active part in various activities organized by the school during her three years here, and achieved many excellent results. In June 2021, she was awarded the Governor General's Medal by the Nova Scotia Department of Education as a senior student representative.


Li Yi has participated in various activities organized by the school, especially winning the best CEO and runner-up team awards consecutively in the MicroBiz Competition. In Grade 10, she also participated in the Shining firefly Walk for Love organized by Tang Mama Charity Group.

Li Yi not only has a wide range of hobbies and interests, but is also very caring, "I like to play with cats and small animals, and usually help the Animal Protection Association to edit videos, design peripherals, and often do some volunteer work.”

Through these loving activities, Li slowly discovered that "deep in the human heart there are many forces that sleep..." In this process, she gradually fell in love with psychology and took part in psychology courses taught by Yale University in the summer of her sophomore year.


"I think psychology can help people better understand their own thoughts and deal with their emotions. With the trend of social development, psychology is gradually playing a more important role. I hope I can better help others by studying psychology in the future."


It is an important time for university application. Li Has received the offer from McGill University, which ranks No.1 in Canada. "I am very happy to receive the offer from McGill University, and I feel relieved all of a sudden. But I soon realized that I still need to work hard and I want to go to my favorite school." We believe that with the help of the teachers in the Overseas Study Office, Li Yi will get closer and closer to her target university. We also hope that she can constantly find her inner strength and make further progress in her favorite field of psychology.

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