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Interview of outstanding student Wang Yifan

At the beginning of the new semester, the good news of the Sino-Canada Program came frequently, and the admission letters of world-famous schools came one after another. Among these admissions, the admission of a Science and Engineering talent attracted our attention. Let's take a closer look at this student through the daily observation.


Among these admissions, the University of Toronto has always been Wang Yifan's dream university, ranking 26th in the 2022 QS World University Rankings, and has always been among the top three dream universities for studying in Canada. So how did Wang Yifan get the offer of his dream school?


While studying in our program, Wang Yifan participated in Waterloo Mathematics Contest four times and won the top 25% of the world three times. In addition, Wang Yifan's mathematical expertise has also been applied to the field of business. During the school period, he participated in the MicroBiz competition and won the second place in the group.

After receiving the admission letter, Wang Yifan said: "I'm very happy to receive the admission, because I like Science and Engineering very much, so the universities I apply for are all majoring in Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering. It has always been my dream to be admitted by a world-famous university, and it has finally come true today!"


When talking about his achievements, Wang Yifan said: "in learning, talent is important, but hard work is also essential and indispensable. Effective learning methods can also make learning get twice the result with half the effort." He especially thanked his Math teacher, Mr. Brabaharan, Canadian Academic Vice Principal. He is not only a doctor of Chemistry from Dalhousie University, a bachelor of Education from the University of Toronto, a mathematics expert and a chemistry expert from the University of Toronto, but also a member of the Syllabus review team of the Toronto Board of Education for many years. He has 28 years of profound teaching experience and rich management experience. His classmates affectionately call him Mr. B because of his rich experience in tutoring math competitions, his math class has become a favorite among them.


As for his interests and hobbies, Wang Yifan said, "I think reading can help me to acquire extracurricular knowledge in my university life, and help me to complete my study tasks smoothly." When talking about the changes of the three years in our program, Wang Yifan  said, "I have become more confident than before, and I dare to express my opinions or make speeches in front of many people." Wang Yifan, who looks calm and introverted, has become more and more confident and good at expressing himself. He boldly walked towards his own stage and played an important role as the host in the graduation ceremony of the class of 2021. 


Wang Yifan passed the IELTS test when he was a sophomore in high school, which also laid the foundation for applying for a university in his senior year. Talking about the reasons for choosing the Sino-Canada Program, he said, "This is a program with comprehensive settings and a complete international curriculum system. The teaching is all in English, which not only allowed me to learn knowledge, but also exercised my English ability. When I first chose an international school, these are two aspects I valued the most." Regarding his subsequent studies, Wang Yifan said that he would choose to pursue further studies in Engineering, and he believed that the confident Wang Yifan would definitely strengthen his direction, "Love what I have learned, and be successful in what I have learned. ".

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