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The Rotman Commerce admitted by Xu Zhaomu

This week, the University of Toronto, one of Canada's most prestigious universities, has sent another batch of admission letters, and our students has received 27 offers in total. The university of Toronto is ranked 16th in the 2022 U.S. News World University Rankings, 18th in the 2021 THE World University Rankings, 22nd in the 2021 Soft World University Academic Rankings, and 26th in the 2022 QS World University Rankings. Among the new batch of admissions, the most eye-catching is the Rotman Commerce admitted by Xu Zhaomu.


The Rotman Commerce is the leading business school in North America and even the world. It has unique advantages. First, it is located in the urban area of Toronto. Toronto is the fourth largest city in North America in terms of economic scale, the third largest financial center in North America, and the economic, technological and cultural center of Canada. Second, its funds, donations, national professor awards, research and publication scale or book collections all far exceed other Canadian universities. Students occupy the right time and place, and have many information and business opportunities to participate in or experience national and even world economic summit exhibitions, financial academic forums and so on.

The 2022 Financial Times Global MBA Ranking was released. The Rotman Commerce at the University of Toronto, the Desautels Department of Management Methodology at McGill University, the Ivey School of Business at Western University, and the Smith School of Business at Queen's University were jointly shortlisted.


According to a survey by MacLeans Magazine, Rotman Commerce receive thousands of applications from all over the world every year. However, only a few hundred people were finally admitted, and the admission rate has been around 10-15%. This also shows that most applicants can only get a failed result.

According to Jeffery Trapp, Deputy Director of the Admissions Committee of the University of Toronto Business School, Rotman's application depends not only on scores, but also on reference factors such as additional materials, documents and interviews. Let's see what the application materials examiner says:

If applicants have a really amazing supplemental, [with grades] a little bit lower than the cut-off, we would have another look at them and discuss them,” “Conversely, we could have students with a really high average and not good supplementals, and refuse them. Students have to have both.”——Jeffery Trapp


That is to say, if the applicant's score is a little bit worse, but the supplemental materials submitted (online documents & video interviews) are particularly outstanding , the admissions office will consider admission, but if the grades meet the requirements and the supplemental materials are in a mess, then you may be rejected directly.

Therefore, the students who can be admitted to Rotman mean that they have obtained a key affirmation in their life, and it is also an important milestone on the road of studying in life. Students who have tried to apply but have not been admitted will also have unique life experiences after experiencing the nervousness, anxiety and disappointment of applying.



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