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Admission letters of the University of Alberta

The University of Alberta (UA for short), founded in 1908, is a research university located in Edmonton, capital of Alberta, Canada. It is a founding member of U15 Research University Alliance in Canada, a member of the World Alliance of Universities and a member of the World Alliance of Energy Universities. The University of Alberta is one of the largest research universities in Canada and is best known for its research in the fields of Earth Sciences, Petrochemicals, Chemistry, Business, Agriculture, and Biomedicine. The University of Alberta alumni include the 16th Prime Minister of Canada, three Nobel Prize winners (including the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine Winner Horton), 75 Rhodes Scholars (ranking among the world's top universities in total), 141 members of the Royal Society of Canada, and 111 Chief research professors of Canada.


The Business School of the University of Alberta is one of the leading business schools in North America. It obtained AACSB certification in 1968 and has outstanding characteristics in the fields of International Business, Natural Resources and Energy Management and Business Administration. The discipline of Business Administration ranks 38th in the world in the 2019 Ranking of World First-class Disciplines of Software Science.

The University of Alberta is one of the largest medical and doctoral universities focusing on scientific research in Canada, and its scientific research level ranks in the forefront of the country. Only three universities participated in the 14 excellent research networks in Canada, including the University of Alberta, the University of Toronto and McGill University.

The University of Alberta accounts for the number of members of the Royal Society, the total number of technology patents and technology transfer applications in the United States, and the total amount of scientific research income and funding rank among the top five in Canada.


Various facilities on the campus of the University of Alberta are very complete and advanced. The main campus covers an area of 89 hectares and 5000 hectares of off campus scientific research land. The vast campus accommodates 400 scientific research laboratories, including Canada's most powerful laser laboratory, the most cutting-edge scanning electron microscope laboratory, two sets of NMR facilities and some agricultural scientific research sites. Its library is the second largest scientific research library in Canada, with the number of books per capita ranking first in Canada. At the same time, its Timms Art Center has the latest and best drama teaching facilities in China, and the sports entertainment center has a variety of outdoor and indoor entertainment facilities. The University of Alberta is also famous for its sports, especially the volleyball team and ice hockey team, which can often get national awards.


The University of Alberta in Canada has five campuses, namely the main campus (North Campus), Saint Jean campus, Augustana Campus, Enterprise Square Campus and south campus. The campus facilities are very advanced. The main campus (North Campus) covers an area of 89 ~ 90 hectares and 5000 hectares of off campus scientific research land.

The University of Alberta provides students with a good academic atmosphere. Among the 3M Teaching Excellence Awards in Canada, 23 teachers of the University of Alberta won this award, which is also the university with the most awards in Canada. The undergraduate stage of the university is based on small class teaching, which is rare in Canada.


The University of Alberta has 21 main departments, 388 undergraduate majors, 500 graduate majors, 600 postdoctoral researchers, 16 colleges that can award degrees, 400 scientific laboratories, 38000 + students, 275000 alumni in 140 countries around the world, and has carried out academic cooperation with 116 universities and institutions in China, 41 teachers of 3M teaching researchers and 74 Rhodes scholarship winners. In 2018, QS ranked 52nd in the world in terms of student employment rate.

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