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Parents Meeting

At the beginning of the new school year, the parents’ meeting of our program came as scheduled. The purpose of this parent meeting is to make everyone clear the plan, key points and precautions for this semester, so that everyone can have a unified mind and clear goals, so as to jointly help students grow rapidly. Due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control, All grade parents’ meeting adopted an online meeting mode. Canadian Principal Mr. Fergusson, Chinese Vice Principal Ms. Hu Lei and Director Ms. Dai Jing of Recruitment and Overseas Study respectively explained important information to parents in various aspects.

Speech by Canadian Principal Mr. Fergusson
At the parents' meeting of Grade 10, Principal Mr. Fergusson emphasized the characteristics of the Sino-Canadian curriculum from an academic perspective. Our program strictly follows the curriculum system of Nova Scotia Department of Education to carry out educational activities. All the courses are taught by international teachers, so that our students and Canadian local students learn the same course content, use the same textbooks, and comply with the same academic standards. After graduation, students will receive the world-recognized Canadian high school diploma. Since the establishment in 2008, all our previous graduates have always achieved outstanding results and been admitted to outstanding universities in the world.
In the environment of all foreign teachers, freshmen of our program will quickly integrate and adapt to the Canadian academic system. Here, the proportion of the final examination has weakened, and the importance of the usual grades has greatly increased. This also means that students and parents should change their minds and realize the importance of daily assignment, quizzes, project research, group projects, etc. for the final results. Only by grasping the ordinary times can students achieve excellent final results at the end of the term. This will also have a significant impact on the future application for overseas famous schools.
In addition, Mr. Fergusson introduced in detail how to plan the academic life in the next three years, and the graduation requirements of NSDOE, also explained how the school will help students meet these graduation requirements. At the same time, Mr. Fergusson also made constructive suggestions for parents and students to quickly improve their comprehensive English ability.

Speech by Vice Principal Ms. Hu Lei
From the perspective of school management and various rules and regulations, Ms. Hu helps everyone better understand how to provide an environment for students to make continuous progress and development. At the same time, she also emphasized different goals according to the different characteristics of the three grades.
For example, the freshman must lay a good foundation and adapt to the Canadian curriculum as soon as possible. The most important thing for the second year of senior high school is to continue to consolidate the academic foundation, improve English language performance, and gradually clarify their future professional development direction. Ms. Hu specifically expressed the hope that all parents must cooperate with the teaching management of teachers in the school, and help students fully prepare for the university application of through the cooperation of home and school.

Speech by Director Ms. Dai Jing
Ms. Dai Jing of the Overseas Study Center explained in detail the university application plan for Grade 12 students and their parents. In fact, this is not the first time to discuss the issue of entering a higher education with parents. As early as summer vacation, the Overseas Study Center prepared a series of lectures for parents.
To help parents make full preparations in the following aspects of university selection, major selection and application submission. After that, parents are free to ask questions. In view of the long-term impact of the epidemic on the world, Ms. Dai explained in detail the situation of studying abroad of the Sino-Canada Program under the epidemic. Since the beginning of the epidemic in 2020, the study abroad application work of our program has not been affected. Each class of graduates has achieved satisfactory admission results as always. In the next one-on-one parents' meeting, the teachers will continue to help parents and students make the right choice according to the learning characteristics and specific conditions of each student.

A new semester, a new beginning. It is hoped that all students can continue to study hard and help realize their dream of entering a famous school by relying on the good academic atmosphere of the school and effective home-school communication.
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