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The Campus Business Challenge

On April 15th, the Campus Business Challenge, sponsored by the International Department of High School Affiliated to Soochow University and supported by the NewBiz Organizing Committee, came to a successful end. As the most popular business challenge club activity, this is the fourth time that our department has successfully held such a competition. This is an unforgettable experience for students of all grades combining theory with practice. Now let's review the highlights of this competition together.

Before officially entering the competition, the instructors from Shanghai Yisheng Education Group first conducted a comprehensive analysis of the competition for each team. They not only explained the business operation mode, but also provided detailed information on the competition mechanism and key points for competition to all participants, enabling them to quickly enter the competition state.

After familiarizing themselves with online system operations, each team member is free to choose functional units, specifically divided into the Chief Operating Officer, Product Department, Operations Department, and Sales Department. The CEO then determines the division of labor for each employee.

The final trial operation, although only a small trial, suddenly raised the tension of the competition. Each team is preparing and quickly developing strategies, looking forward to showcasing their skills in the official competition this afternoon!

After entering the official competition, members of each team participate in the competition as members of the company, with each team consisting of 4-7 team members.

After establishing the company, everyone needs to immediately confirm their respective division of labor and invest in the process of company establishment, division of labor, product design, and research and development. After product development, product representatives from each company gave presentations to the reviewers to win brand value for their company.

In the part of product promotion, the contestants not only explained the performance and design principles of the product, but also integrated product research and market analysis into the explanation. This reflects the advantages of each contestant's ability to observe and think diligently, and their expressive and innovative abilities have received unanimous praise from the judges.

In two fiscal years of intense competition, all economic changes are made in real-time through the operation, planning, negotiation, and trading between companies. Market research, market analysis, strategic planning... The business thinking of all participants has been fully honed in every transaction process.

After intense competition, each team made every effort to fight until the end. After summarizing and sorting out the practical experience of the school business competition, the instructor announced the list of winners and invited Vice Principal Hu Lei, Grade Director Dai Shuangyong, and Teacher Representative Wang Qing from the International Department to present awards to the winners.

Finally, Hu Lei, Vice Principal of the International Department, gave a concluding speech. Firstly, she thanked the instructors of Shanghai Yisheng Education Group. Secondly, she pointed out that the school business competition is a very important practical opportunity for every participant. It not only exercises students' teamwork skills, but also helps them have a preliminary understanding of business competition and various aspects. Finally, she congratulated the award-winning students and wished them all the best in higher competitions!
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