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MicroBiz lecture

In the ever-changing world, business exchanges, cooperation and competitionare the key links to promote the development of the business industry.

Recently, a MicroBiz lecture with the theme of getting students motivated for the next  competition came to the campus. The students know more about the upcoming business competition and how to prepare.

MicroBiz is a competition that simulates business operations. It originated in Business classes in European and American universities. Its development history is more than half a century old, and it has now become an established and valued event at many high schools.

During the competition, students are divided into groups and they form simulation companies, each student playing a different role in the company. In the economic environment set by the simulation, there are simulated operations and they complete a series of business actions such as market research, product development, market planning, product sales, and business theory all combined with business practice through the process.

From a macro point of view, a MicroBiz competition can also reflect the personal abilities, and different business plan choices that make students face up to their own interests, which is conducive to choosing the right professional direction from high school, to lay the foundation for their future career.


In the lecture to Grade 10 students, the special guest lecturer, Mr. Xi Guangming, mentioned that the simulation business competition is a competition of talents among the elite of schools. First of all, you need the courage to move forward. If we dare to try, the opportunity is always ahead. In previous competitions, our students, who benefit from the international cutting-edge education, have won the top three places in the competition, and have also achieved impressive results in the national business competition.


For the students in Grade 11 and Grade 12 who are familiar with the competition process and system, the special guest lecturers, Mr. Chen Hao and Ms. Xie Yuqin, focused on the interpretation of academic projects and related volunteer activities.

For academic projects, internationally renowned professors from various faculties and professional fields are invited to lead the teams. They lead the students to do research projects together with their own frontier projects. The selected students will follow the foreign professors to complete the research projects. The excellent students will get recommendation letter from the leading professors, which will provide strong support for the future university application of each student.

In addition to academic programs, volunteer activities also play a crucial role in the application process at some American colleges.

This year's volunteer activities will focus on two projects: Sichuan Panda Base and Xizang Research and Teaching Project.

These activities not only enable students to contribute to society while studying, but also help students to meet the requirements for social volunteer hours required by some universities when applying for university acceptance.


The Sino-Canada Program staff pay attention to and encourage students to seize this opportunity, and all teachers provide advice and help to students as they work through the process. 

Participating in this competition will increase the competitiveness of the students' resumes and applications. This creates an advantage for students in obtaining offers from prestigious schools while also meeting and exceeding the standards of high school programs across the country.

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