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Visit to Suzhou Blind and Deaf School

The Suzhou Blind Deaf School recently celebrated the 90th anniversary of the founding of the school "The Love for the Blind and Deaf" series exhibition -- Campus Science and Technology Festival and the 31st National Day of Helping the Disabled in their lovely facility.

As one of the invited schools, representatives of teachers and students from the Sino-Canada Program and leaders from Suzhou Municipal Working Committee and the Suzhou Education Bureau came to Chaizhiyuan to join in the activity.


As guests, Li Yanxin and Sun Yuecheng from the Student Council did the  interpretation for Canadian Principal Ms. Beth and they enjoyed a friendly interaction with blind and deaf students.

During the visit to the campus, our teachers and students also went to the blind experience area to have a practical experience, and personally realized that it is not easy for blind students to live and learn. After visiting and appreciating the exhibition made by blind and deaf students, their talents came to life.

Suzhou Blind Deaf School will hold an art festival in the future and our program will actively organize students to create and perform together.


At the opening ceremony, all leaders gave a warm speech. The on-site display of the building block works of the school emblem of Suzhou Blind Deaf School aroused the exclamation and admiration of the guests and the audience! In order to have a better present and a brighter future for those students, the on-site charitable donations made were extremely enthusiastic.

After the opening ceremony, all guests, teachers and students of our school came to the second floor of Guanqun Building for a guided tour. This is the main venue of this science and technology festival, which is divided into two parts: competition area and experience exhibition area.


Accompanied and interpreted by Li Yanxin and Sun Yuecheng, the representatives of the Student Council, Ms. Beth had a lively communication and interaction with the students.

We were deeply moved and touched by the confidence, generosity and vitality of the students from Suzhou Blind Deaf School.

When talking about the science and technology events and topics that they are interested in, all the members of the delegation are deeply impressed by the talent and charm of the students and their attention to the development of international science and technology!

"It's hard to imagine these works being done in a world of darkness and silence," Ms. Beth said. The talent and hard work of these children in some fields is equal to or beyond those of ordinary people.


In the exhibition area, there is also a special "blind experience area". When walking into this room, all the daily life related to light disappears, the perception and comfort of the world left behind, leaving only one's own body and breath. In this scene, we can't help evoking the uneasiness and even fear associated with darkness.


Li Yanxin, a Student Council representative said,"It is like a sudden loss of light. At the beginning, I felt very insecure. But after experiencing and gradually adapting to the world of the blind, the role of touch and other senses supported me.. In constant exploration and cooperation with my peers, I have a deeper understanding of their hard life, and I am moved by their full enthusiasm for life and learning. "


Ms. Hu Lei, the Chinese Vice Principal said, "This is a very vivid and realistic education. It teaches us to cherish what we have now. It also makes our students more aware of the difficulty of the excellent students of the blind and deaf school, which lays a foundation for our future cooperation activities."


The student representatives of Suzhou Blind Deaf School 3D Maker and Technology Model Club also introduced to Ms. Beth and her group their hard work and progress in completing their technology works. "Technology is powerful," says Ms. Beth, "not only in making life easier for special children, but also in influencing their way of thinking ."


In this activity, all students not only expanded their vision of science and technology, but also increased the communication with their peers, and felt the magic of science and technology changing their lives. The interactive and experiential content arrangement also stimulates the learning interest and motivation of the students of our program.

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