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Interview of Liu Xinyang

After the excitement of getting the first offer, Liu Xinyang is much more calm and relaxed when she talks about the experience of receiving 5 offers.

“I'm glad to be recognized by these universities, which also means that my three years of effort has not been in vain.” Liu Xinyang said.

The excitement is more likely to be reflected in the acceptance of their favorite universities: “The happiest moment of my application process was when I received an email from UBC saying, Congratulations.”


Liu Xinyang said that although the first four offers were also from famous overseas universities, her heart was still wanting to receive the offer from UBC. Looking back on the anxiety of waiting for good news, was exciting but also difficult.

"For me, the application process was the most intense and painful stage of my high school life, not as easy as I thought it would be. I would look through the mailbox many times each day for fear that I might miss the message from the university. When I saw classmates get an offer from their dream school, I always looked forward and hoped that my lucky day would come."

"On the day I received the offer, my mind went blank, I repeatedly checked the name on the email in case it was not me and that maybe it was sent by mistake? When I found my name clearly written on it, I told myself that the future, which I had only  imagined, was waiting for me.”


“I originally chose the Sino-Canada Program because of its all-English teaching environment, excellent teaching quality and teaching results. There are many students who get the offers they want and enter the world's top universities. I hope I can realize my dream when I become a member of this program.”

After successfully completing her dream, she recalled the three years of high school and Liu Xinyang admitted that in addition to the influence of the learning atmosphere, the teachers' care and rich social practice activities also helped her to go to her dream school.

“During my study in the Sino-Canada Program, I participated in the Waterloo Mathematics Contest, Business Competition, Music Concert Charity, Model United Nations and other activities. These activities and international exchange opportunities have helped me learn to think independently and allocate my time reasonably. These have not only exercised my communication skills, but also made me more confident. I learned a lot about different cultures, made many friends, and had a great time every day!”


In addition to study, she also applies the English language context to her daily life. “After school, I also like to watch some American or British TV dramas to exercise my English ability without subtitles.”

Because of this, she not only got a high score of 7.5 in IELTS, but also got the admission letter of UBC. “I love the scenery of Vancouver, with its cherry blossoms, beaches and friendly people,” she said. I also like the motto of UBC, Tuum Est. which means, it's all up to you.”

She put a lot of efforts in becoming an outstanding student, and she also expressed her deep gratitude to the Sino-Canada Program “The courses offered by our program are all in English, which makes me better prepared for studying abroad in the future. The curriculum is also set according to the standards set by the Nova Scotia Department of Education. I can clearly feel the continuous improvement of my English ability and the way of thinking is different from before. In order to prepare us for the future university environment, the school will also provide us with many activities, such as business competitions, volunteer work or charity sales.

She said that she likes to work out in her spare time, play some puzzle games with friends, try to make some new dishes and prepare for the future life of studying abroad.

Be loyal to yourself, keep the love of study and life, make excellence a habit, and success will frequently coming to you.

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