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New semester, New beginning and New hope

On September 6th, the Sino-Canada Program at Soochow University High School ushered in the first day of school with new hope.

In order to ensure the safe, stable, orderly, and standardized entry of students into the school, the teachers on duty and the head teachers welcomed the students with sweet smiles and cordial greetings at 7 a.m. Teachers are situated all around campus, like the epidemic monitoring place at the school gate, the staircase entrance of the teaching building, and the classroom door, and the campus has regained its vitality of the past.

After intense preparation over the summer holiday, the school’s teaching area was moved from the previous comprehensive building and creativity center to the current No. 4 teaching building. In order to welcome back the students, all the faculty and staff closed each classroom and thoroughly disinfected each one, two weeks in advance, and each classroom successfully passed the pre-school epidemic prevention and control guidance and inspection.

Not only has the teaching area changed this semester, but also our program had a new principal, Mr. Fergusson. Mr. Fergusson was dispatched by the Nova Scotia Department of Education. Before coming here, he had worked and lived in China for more than ten years and had rich teaching and management experience. We believe that under his leadership, the students will make greater progress this semester.

      On the first day of school, every student started the new semester with a positive attitude. All the foreign teachers and head teachers tried to help students get into the learning state as soon as possible with full enthusiasm.

The new semester has begun, and that means we are also ushering in a new journey. We believe that with the joint efforts of all teachers and students of our program, we will make new progress. We hope that Grade 10 students will adapt to the new environment here as soon as possible, Grade 11 students will strive to improve their academic performance and achievements, and Grade 12 students can be admitted to their desired universities!

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