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Queen's University online lecture-2022 application season

Last Thursday, our Grade 12 students participated in an online lecture from Queen’s University, a well-known medical and doctoral university in Canada. Queen's University is very popular among students in our program and, in the 2020-21 academic year, a total of 21 students received the admission letter from this university!

Hyman Xu, senior admissions officer from Queen's University, brought a rich and detailed introduction to this university.

He not only introduced the application requirements of Queen's University, the advantages of each faculty and the characteristic services of employment guidance, but also introduced in detail the quarantine requirements, clothing, food, housing and transportation of students after admission under the current global epidemic situation.

I believe that through his introduction, all Grade 12 students can have a deeper understanding of Queen's University and be more determined in their goals.


One of The Old Four

Queen's University is one of Canada's leading public research universities. Together with McGill University, Western University, and The University of Toronto, it forms what is known as, The Old Four. It has 178 years of profound academic tradition and outstanding teaching and research achievements. Its campus is located on the shores of beautiful Lake Ontario. Ancient limestone buildings are equipped with modern teaching and research facilities.


Superior geographical location

Queen's University is located in Kingston, Ontario, halfway between Montreal and Toronto. Kingston was selected as one of the five best medium-sized cities in Canada and "the most livable city in Canada". Queen’s University, founded in accordance with Queen Victoria’s Royal Charter in 1841, is one of Canada’s earliest degree-granting institutions and had a profound impact on higher education in Canada.

Advantages introduction

Wide range of faculties

Queen's University has made outstanding contributions to scientific research across the world. According to the ranking of Maclean’s magazine in 2021, Queen's University ranked fifth in the comprehensive ranking of Medical and Doctoral universities. The university has 15 different faculties including; Business, Medicine, Law, Biology, Engineering, Arts and Science, and has also established the Bader UK Learning Center.

The academic atmosphere is full of vitality

In a dynamic academic atmosphere, its high-quality undergraduate teaching and long-established and innovative graduate programs can be developed in a balanced way. Queen's University also has top business and medical schools and its Physics department ranks first in Canada. Almost every major offers undergraduate and master courses at the same time, which are well connected in terms of course difficulty and theoretical depth.

The Smith School of Business at Queen's University is a world-class top business school certified by AACSB and EQUIS and is also the cradle of business elites. Its mission is to "train outstanding leaders with a global perspective and create new knowledge to promote business and social development."
Complete hardware facilities
Queen's University has six networked libraries and is home to several prominent museums and art galleries, including the Agnes Etherington Centre for the Arts and the Elizabeth Bader Centre for the Performing Arts, located on the bank of Lake Ontario, which combines a stylish exterior with high-quality sound design for its interior.
*95% of students are from outside Kingston
*85% of students live within a 15-minute walk of school
*90% of freshmen live in dormitories (ensuring the dormitory needs of freshmen)
*Queen's university students come from more than 120 countries, with 13% of student being international students
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